The Last Spirit press kit

Game description:

The Last Spirit is a beautifully drawn bubble dragler game with a strong strategic twist. Magic, fantasy and a dreadful machines come together in an intriguing story about a little Spirit fighting back for his home.

In an ancient forest, where many fables were born, the marvelous spirits lived in peace and harmony. But everything changed one day. An obscure threat endangered the forest dwellers – in the blink of an eye all trees were captured by dreadful mechanical intruders – Mechaniculas.

Now the tiniest hero with the heart full of light can stop the invaders and make the darkness turn aside. Help little Spirit – with sacred magic of color and line, fight forest enemies with just a finger and your mind.

Key features:

  •  A game with a touch. Fight treacherous Mechaniculas with just a tap of your fingers. It’s not as easy as it’s looks – every turn matters, so plan and act carefully!
  • The exquisite art and fairytale ambiance. In the hand-drawn forest of the Last Spirit you will see beauty thrive in the most fragile of places.
  • Countless tricky puzzle levels, quests and boss battles. Save the trees by solving bubble puzzles. Solve numerous quests that block you from exploring the worlds further. Stop the evil by fighting the Mechaniculas themselves!
  • Rewards for tough victories and outstanding performance. Use them for your advantage.

Download game screenshots, promo banners of The Last Spirit from here (, 27.2 MB). And if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to drop us a note!

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